Carambola Tradeshow Group is a highly specialized company providing sales/marketing, consulting and convention services to associations and organizations for their conventions and trade shows.  

Tradeshow Marketing and Management. 
 Carambola provides full level tradeshow marketing and management service.  Our extensive database of potential exhibitors provides a solid foundation for all "booth sales" initiatives. 
The latest technology allows us to account for and manage all of the aspects of the show we sell.  However, it is PERSONAL COMMUNICATION and customer contact that is the cornerstone of how we do business.

CONVENTION SERVICES.  Trade show equipment is remarkably similar from city to city and company to company. Digital graphics are no longer “state-of-the-art” but are considered the standard. It is not what you have that impresses the customers; it's how it is delivered that makes the difference.

What allows us to do this differently and better is the experience level and dedication of all of our associates. All are experienced business professionals, most who have owned their own business. They understand all aspects of service and how being responsive is the first step in providing high-level customer service.
Please give us the opportunity to show you how our way of doing business can help you.

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